Primo Victoria [Re-Armed] 2LP Black Vinyl-M21237Primo Victoria [Re-Armed] 2LP Black Vinyl-M21237

Primo Victoria [Re-Armed] 2LP Black Vinyl


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The Primo Victoria Re-armed Album, released in 2005, now reprinted and available on 180 gr black vinyl.


Side A:

1. Primo Victoria
2. Reign Of Terror
3. Panzer Battalion
4. Wolfpack

Side B:

1. Counterstrike
2. Stalingrad
3. Into The Fire
4. Purple Heart
5. Metal Machine

Side C:

1. The March To War
2. Shotgun
3. Into The Fire (Live In Falun 2008)
4. Rise Of Evil (Live In Falun 2008)
5. The Beast (Twisted Sister Cover)
6. Dead Soldier’s Waltz

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