Attero dominatus RE-ARMED 2LP (Blue Vinyl)Attero dominatus RE-ARMED 2LP (Blue Vinyl)

Attero Dominatus [Re-Armed] 2LP Blue Vinyl


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The Attero Dominatus [Re-Armed] album, released in 2006, is now available in a new LP version in blue colour.


Side A:

1. Attero Dominatus
2. Nuclear Attack
3. Rise Of Evil
4. In The Name Of God

Side B:

1. We Burn
2. Angels Calling
3. Back In Control
4. Light In The Black
5. Metal Crüe

Side C (Bonus):

1. Für Immer (Doro Cover)
2. Långa Bollar På Bengt (Svenne Rubins Cover)
3. Metal Medley (Live In Falun)

Side D (Bonus):

1. Nightchild
2. Primo Victoria (Demo Version)

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